A harmonious pairing of creativity and efficiency.

a couple of creatives

“Our wish is to provide a truly unforgettable and elegant experience for every guest we serve,

elevating the concept of bartending into an interactive work of art.”

Leah B Flippen, Founder of Cocktails Couture

Clayton Null

Co-Owner & Business Manager

We are pleased to present the talented and creative new co-owner, Clayton Null.

Both the brains and the braun, this man makes business happen.

With 17 years experience on set in the motion picture industry, this problem-solving skilled craftsman can design and construct any scenario with ultimate efficiency, making him an invaluable asset to any operation.



Leah B Flippen

Co-Owner & Creative Director
With a strong background in fine dining service and culinary arts, Leah has been designing craft cocktails for many years, in many corners of the world.
As a dedicated fine art painter and photographer, her greatest passion in life is creating beautiful experiences. The unique bar presentations that she designs for each event are a direct reflection of her natural artistry.
Constantly seeking to experiment and invent new recipes, her research keeps her striving for innovative cocktail concepts while retaining health-conscious, organic sensibilities.