Menu Design

A unique, and completely personalized menu design experience.

Sample Artisanal Cocktail Concepts

✥ 8-pepper-infused vodka with burnt sage and tomato water . ✥ gin, lemongrass, kaffir lime, egg whites, lime dust . ✥ bourbon old fashioned, with fuji apple, pecan, and blood orange peel . ✥vanilla bean infused vodka gimlet with passionfruit and a pistachio orgeat . ✥ gin, cucumber smash with grapefruit and a strawberry oregano shrub

Infused Spirits and Handmade Elixirs

For each event, we design an entirely new and seasonally conscious cocktail menu. Each mixer used for the drinks is made by hand from local organic ingredients, and we will infuse any number of the liquors of your choice a week in advance for an added touch of excellence in flavor.

Local, Seasonal, Organic

All of the drinks are made fresh in the moment, from a collection of locally sourced, seasonally conscious, all-organic ingredients.

Hand-Scripted Menus

For each event, we provide a completely original, hand-scripted cocktail menu designed specifically to your personalized taste, consciously paired with the food that your caterer will be offering your guests. In addition to the prepared menu, our creative and talented mixologists can offer custom variations with the ingredients available to cater to your guests.

From Modern to Classic

In addition to offering unique and fresh organic made cocktails of modern mixological concepts, we offer an option of designing you a menu of quintessential speakeasy cocktails, for that posh old-fashioned event. From Old-Fashioneds crafted with hand-made bitters to pre-prohibition Manhattans, we can transform your home or office into a cozy speakeasy with its own secret knock.